A Proxmox cluster for your IT infrastructure

From 1.8 TB to 29 TB cluster using Proxmox we are delivering Hyper Converged Infrastructure and Replicated storage cluster that ensures,

  • Zero down time,
  • Data Reliability and
  • Business continuity

using standard hardware [ Old and New combined – : ) ]

Proxmox offers full feature set in all subscription levels from community to enterprise.

Start evaluating today. Simplify your IT Infra.

Do have look at few dashboards.

Proxmox HCI Cluster 01
Proxmox HCI Cluster 01 Dashboard
Proxmox HCI Cluster 02
Proxmox HCI Cluster 02 Dashboard
Proxmox HCI Cluster 03
Proxmox HCI Cluster 03 Dashboard
Proxmox Replicated Server
Proxmox Replicated Server Dashboard