Cluster for Non-Stop Business

Open Source for Business

Cluster for Non-Stop Business uses, Proxmox VE virtualization platform, that tightly integrates compute and storage i.e. you can use the same physical nodes within a cluster for both computing (processing VMs and containers) and replicated storage with multi master servers. All components are software-defined and compatible with one another.

With the integration of Ceph, an open source software-defined storage platform, Proxmox VE has the ability to run and manage Ceph storage directly on the hypervisor nodes,  all with single system administration via centralised web management interface.

These capabilities make Proxmox VE an ideal choice to deploy and manage Cluster for Non-Stop Business.


Benefits of Cluster for Non-Stop Business with Proxmox VE

Useful for deployments in which a high infrastructure demand meets a low administration budget, for distributed setups such as  virtual private and public clouds.

Key advantages are,

  • Scalability: seamless expansion of compute, network and storage devices (i.e. scale up servers and storage quickly and independently from each other).
  • Data protection and efficiency: services such as backup and disaster recovery are integrated.
  • Simplicity: easy configuration and centralized administration.
  • Low cost: Proxmox VE is open source and integrates all components you need such as compute, storage, networking, backup, and management center. It can replace an expensive compute/storage infrastructure.
  • Open Source: No vendor lock-in.