TechnoArchive – Email Archive and E-discovery

Cool features about TechnoArchive

Easy Integration with existing Email Service

TechnoArchive support integration with MS-Exchange,Lotus,Office 365, Google Apps, TechnoMail and many Mail-Server Softwares.
We also give support services for importing of historical email data via SMTP,IMAP Pull,Outlook EML/PST or old POP3 Account.

Ease of Management for Legal

Easy configuration of what type of emails to be archived & retained based on from,to,subject,attachment and for what period.
Organization can setup Legal Hold for auditor or compliance purpose.
Search Acccess Management to support ; who can search which emails for which period.

Fastest Search Engine

TechnoArchive has a full text search application, which uses Xapian information retrieval library as its storage and retrieval engine. Which means that it finds your data by content rather than by fixed attributes. You just ask for related terms, and the tool will return a list of results where these terms are prominent, in a similar way to Internet search engines. You can also go for advance search for specific from,to ,subject, attachments, Body Content, even attachment contents too.

Deduplicate,Cloud Storage & SDS

TechnoArchive additionaly supports use of OpenDedup’s SDFS file-system & SDS Storage like Ceph. SDFS filesystem uses local or Cloud object storage for saving data after is deduplicated. It will works not only on Local HDD but also with the big players such as AWS S3, AWS Glacier, Azure, Google, and most S3 compliant backends. Ceph Stroage helps on-premises setup to have high-reliable and scable storage system. So that you can scale your archive data storage in many terabytes for years to come.